php|tek: day #1

Today was the first official day of the conference. Rasmus Lerdorf held the opening keynote which was ok, and I went to “Unicoding with PHP 6” by Andrei Zmievski, “Building PHP based Rich Internet applications” by Mike Potter, “Dude, Where’s My Used Car?” by Adam Trachtenberg, “DB Design for PHP Developers” by Mac Newbold, “PHP Features You Didn’t Know Existed” by Eli White and lastly “PHP Security by Example” by Chris Shiflett. Most of the talks were quite interesting, but I should have gone to “Testing PHP Applications with PHPUnit (2 talks)” by Sebastian Bergmann instead of DB Design and PHP features though. That would have been a bit more interesting I think.

It was quite nice to listen to some of the guys talking though. Most of them has loads of experience and are good speakers.

Some time after the conference there was a quiz that was quite funny. I won a PHP phrasebook since my number was picked out, and because of that I could not be picked to enter the quiz, which would have been more fun since I managed to answer almost every question correctly. :( Well well, maybe some other time. :)

When the quiz was done we went to see the White Sox play against the Yankees. We went a little late on purpose since it was raining, but when we came they had played for quite some time. I think we arrived in the 7th inning. The Sox were not doing very good, and the Yankees ended the game with a couple of homers. It was very fun though. :)

Stay tuned for more php|tek stuff later on.

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