php|tek: day #0 (In-depth tutorials)

Today I went to see Sara Golemon’s Extension Writing tutorial which was ok. I have read her book and there was not that much new in the tutorial. The first tutorial i went to was Ilia’s High Performace PHP talk which was quite nice. The hotel we are staying at (Hyatt Regency O’Hare) is pretty darn nice though (except for the really slow elevators).

After the tutorials we took the subway into Chicago to have something to eat. It was raining, so we kinda took the first and best place we could find, which happened to be some place called Cafe Absinthe. We stayed there for a while and had some beers and a burger, and watched some baseball to try and figure out the rules since we have tickets for the Sox vs Yankees game tomorrow. After a while I kinda got reminded on how much smoking sucks since they were allowed to smoke inside the cafe, but apart from that everything was nice! :)

After a while we just headed back to the hotel to get a good nights sleep and get ready for the conference.

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