FKK and Zend Framework

I am managing the web pages for Fredrikstad Klatreklubb and for a long time now I have been working on a new version of the main site that is somewhat a complete rewrite of what’s already online. I have been using Smarty as a template engine for quite some time now and lately I have been thinking of trying out the Zend Framework MVC stuff. I know it’s possible to use Smarty as the View component but thats not what I want anyway.

The ZF is starting to look quite nice I think, and I am looking forward to the 1.0 release so things can get even more stable.

The stuff I have used for the site as of now are:

If I like the MVC stuff I will use that as well. I have been trying it out for some time, but I want to do some more testing first.

As of now I have been using PDO for database stuff and I am looking into the Zend_Db module as well (this is turning into a Zend Framework worship post). And if that wasn’t enough, I am thinking of using Zend_Search for searching. Last time I tried that (in September last year) it was not very good, but hopefully there has been lots of improvements.

I might write some more technical stuff about the different parts if the Zend Framework later on if I feel like it. :)

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