Long time no blog!

It’s been a while since my last blog now! I guess I’m just plain lazy! :)

The last week has not been that nice. Last sunday I got food poisoning at a lunch place in Oslo. :( I am starting to feel better now though, and I am really looking forward to getting back to work on monday. I am so tired of just walking around in the house and feeling like shit.

I am thinking about getting myself an xbox 360 as an early christmas present this year. I have always loved playing games, but the last couple of years I have not had the time to play that much. Hopefully I will do some more playing if I get the new xbox. If I buy it I will have to get Gears of War and Splinter Cell as well. I have always loved the Splinter Cell games, and Gears of War looks awesome!

Thats it for now!

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