Back from Lisbon

A couple of days ago we found ourselves back in Norway. The trip has been very nice, and the concert was mind blowing!

The fun started last Thursday (the day before we left for Lisbon) when we went out for “one” beer in Oslo. One quickly became many and suddenly there were only 5 hours until our flight left. We went back to Erlend’s place (the guy I work with) and all of us set the alarm for 0530. None of us actually woke up until 0600, and the flight was at 0730. Time went by and we left Erlend’s apartment just before 0630, an hour before our flight. We had two train rides ahead of us and not that much time. Somehow we managed to get on the plane and suddenly we were on our way to Lisbon!

The first day there was not that good. We used a lot of time trying to find a resturant, and the one we found really sucked. None of us were in super shape because of the brilliant “one beer” plan the day before. We went back to our hotel after we ate and decided to sleep for an hour and then head out for some beers. That hour quickly became ~10 and the beers never happened.

On Saturday we went for some sightseeing. We went to see the Castle of São Jorge which was pretty cool. After that we just walked around the city of Lisbon for a while and did some shopping at a rather big outdoor shopping center a bit outside of Lisbon. Later in the evening we found a restaurant that looked good and after a while we found out the the food was absolutely brilliant! After some food, beer and wine we went down to “The docks” to look at the night life. There was not many people there yet since the people in Lisbon tend to go out a bit later then us norwegians. Around 0200-0230 more and more people showed up and we had a good time. :) We were back at the hotel around 0700 and in very good shape! :)
Sunday … the concert day! Needless to say we were kinda tired and none of us were in tip top shape after the previous day. We went out and found some junk food and just relaxed a bit before the concert.

Outside the venue there were loads of people so we just got in line. It took a while before we got in, and Mastodon (the support band) had already played some songs when we were inside.

After a little while Tool was finally on stage. They opened up with Stinkfist from the Ænima album and then proceeded to do an AWESOME show. I was hoping for the 10.000 days song from the album with the same title, but they did not play that one. It did not matter much though, the show was one of the best I have been to, and I have been to loads of concerts. The setlist was:

  1. Stinkfist
  2. The Pot
  3. 46 & 2
  4. Jambi
  5. Schism
  6. Lost Keys (intro)
  7. Rosetta Stoned
  8. Sober
  9. Lateralus
  10. Vicarious
  11. Ænima

I have already got a taping of the show (listening to it while I am writing this) and it sounds good! :) Tool had arranged some super light effects (lasers and 4 big screens on the stage) and along with the music the atmosphere was magic!

So if you like Tool and have not seen them live yet … well … sucks to be you then!! :)

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