New cd’s

Received a bunch of new cd’s from cdon today. :) Nice to have some “new” music in the shelves. I like to download mp3’s and stuff, but I usually end up buying the albums anyway. Some albums I buy might be stuff I had a long time ago but have “lost” or borrowed to friends and forgotten about. At least I am not that eager to let people borrow my cd’s anymore. :) The stuff I got today was:

  • The Aller Værste – The Aller Værste
  • Satyricon – Now, Diabolical
  • Gåte – Iselilja
  • Stevie Ray Vaughan – Greatest Hits
  • Joachim Nielsen – Nykter
  • Deicide – The Stench of Redemption
  • AC/DC – Highway to hell
  • AC/DC – Back in Black
  • Gary Moore – Still got the blues
  • Jokke og Valentinerne – Alt kan repeteres
  • Jokke og Valentinerne – Et hundeliv
  • Madrugada – Live at Tralfamadore
  • Sepultura – Beneath the Remains

Also got the Alice in Chains – MTV Unplugged DVD.

As you might see I have very varied music taste. :) Some of the albums listed above are Norwegian stuff.

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