Norwegian Wood

Went to Norwegian Wood at Frognerbadet in Oslo with a friend yesterday to see Soulfly, Deftones and Turbonegro. Korn was supposed to headline but they canceled (like all the other times they have scheduled a show in Norway) and Turbonegro played instead. Not exactly a worthy replacement if you ask me. Anyway, the show was good, the weather was nice, and the beer was cold. :)

After the show we walked toward the train to head back to Fredrikstad, but we missed it with a minute (the train left the station when we came running) so we were stuck in Oslo for a couple more hours. We used our time well though, eating at Burger King and Carmel Grill (a nice kebab place close to Karl Johan). Took a couple of pictures with my mobile phone as well.

Turbonegro Deftones

Anyway, the concert was good, but would probably have been better with Korn instead of Turbonegro.

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