Preliminary Project Plan

Where R U?
Christer Edvartsen

Where R U is a project that will make it possible for person 1 to send an SMS to person 2, and then receive an MMS with a map containing the whereabouts of person 2.

An application like Where R U can be used on several occasions. If you are to meet another person somewhere you have never been before, you might use Where R U to get the other person to send you a map of where he/she is. It might also be used in a more serious situation where a person is lost, and need to send information on where he/she is to others.

Some parts of Where R U can be used in other applications related to for example search and rescue. The part that connects to the GPS and sends a request to a mapservice to receive mapdata can also be used by other applications.

Project report, Software for Series 60 mobile phones.


Content Delivery Start End Comment
Hello World Writing a standard Hello World application to learn the basics of programming on series 60 2006-01-25 2006-01-25
Connecting to the GPS via bluetooth To get GPS positions one needs to connect to a GPS device. I have chosen to do this via bluetooth.
Connecting to the net The phone needs to be connected to the net to send a request and download map data.
Receive information from mapservice and generate image The imformation received from the mapservice needs to be parsed and used to generate an image of a map.
Sending MMS The map will be sent as an MMS to other phones.

Device and Softwarerequirements
The application will be developed for mobiles phones using the Series 60 platform. The mobile phone that will be used for development and testing is a Nokia 6680. The phone will need to access a GPS to get information about position, and access the internet to get mapdata.


  • Learning Python, Second Edition
  • Programming Python, Second Edition



  • S60 SDK for Symbian OS 2nd Ed. FP2
  • Python for S60 2nd Ed. SIS
  • Python for S60; 1.2 for 2nd Ed. FP2 SDK
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