Installed the S60 Emulator and SDK’s

There! Just installed the S60 SDK for Symbian OS 2nd Ed. FP2, Python for S60 2nd Ed. SIS, and Python for S60; 1.2 for 2nd Ed. FP2 SDK. You will need an account on those pages to download.

First I installed the SDK for Symbian OS, and then unzipped the Python for S60 2nd ED. file. The zip file included a couple of .SIS files that you can send to the mobile phone to install python. Since I have bluetooth on my laptop, I simply enabled bluetooth on the Nika 6680, right-clicked the PythonForSeries60.SIS, chose Send To – Bluetooth – phonename. Next I had to accept the connection on the phone to start the transfer of the file. After the transfer complete, you will get a message that asks if you want to install Python for Series 60 on the phone. Choose Yes, and it will be install. After the installer completes a Python icon will appear in the menylist on the phone. Enter that to start the Python Environment from where you can run python scripts. There are a couple of scripts that followed along with the installer. Try them out to see how it works!

Now onto the Python for S60 SDK. I installed this using all the default choises in the installer. There are a couple of pdf files that comes with the SDK that is helpful to read: API Reference for Python, Getting started with Python and Programming with Python. These files contain some valueable information.

When I installed the SDK for Symbian OS, I also got the Release and Debug versions of the Emulator for S60. To use Python for S60 in the Emulator, simply fire up the Debug version, and you will find the same Python icon in the menu there, as on the phone.

Now I am off to make some “Hello World” applications and test them out on the Emulator and the phone!

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