Assignment 2

a. Give a short overview of the development and deployment of mobile phones and mobile services. Have the mobile markets developed differently in different parts of the world? Use your preferred search engine to find appropriate online sources, and refer to these in the text.

First generation

In the 1980s the “cellular” phones began to appear. These phones used analog transmission, and they were larger than the phones we are used to today because they were designed to be fit in cars. The systems these phones used were later known as the first generation (1G) mobile phone technology.

Second Generation

In the 1990s, second generation (2G) mobile phone systems were introduced. The first european GSM network opened in 1991. When the 2G system was introduced, the smaller hand-held devices began to appear. These hand-held devices sported better battery technologies and systems that needed less power.

Third Generation

The third generation (3G) mobile phone technology came with services that provided the ability to transfer both voice data and non-voice data. Video telephony has often been refered to as a “killer application” when talking about 3G services. Japan was the first country to introduce 3G on a large scale, and is expected to fully complete the transfer from 2G to 3G in 2006.

b. Give a short overview of how you think mobile phones and mobile services will develop in the next five years.

In recent years mobile phones have become more and more like a substitution for deksktop / laptop computers. I believe that in the future the mobile phone will make a regular computer obsolete as the mobile phones grow in both computing power and storage space. Mobile services will probably get more advanced as the phones will be able to handle much more data. Future technologies will replace 3G and faster transfers will open up for more video / audio services.

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